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    Oh, Mr. Biden!

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  4. "And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention."

    Recent picture taken in Gaza.

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    Louis C. K.

    Estudio Javier Jaen

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    I’d be happy to sign a petition if you have one. 


    This guy knows what’s up.


  15. "So, what’s the trade-off here? In general, we are safer (automation makes airline flying safer, in general) except in the long-tail: pilots are losing both tacit knowledge of flying and some of its mechanics. But in general, we, as humans, have less and less understanding of our machines—we are compartmentalized, looking at a tiny corner of a very complex system beyond our individual comprehension. Increasing numbers of our systems—from finance to electricity to cybersecurity to medical systems, are going in this direction. We are losing control and understanding which seems fine—until it’s not. We will certainly, and unfortunately, find out what this really means because sooner or later, one of these systems will fail in a way we don’t understand."